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Home-based business and marketing: 7 mistakes not to make

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Home-based business and marketing: 7 mistakes not to make Empty Home-based business and marketing: 7 mistakes not to make

Post  Admin Sat Apr 12, 2014 8:00 pm

Home-based business and marketing: 7 mistakes not to make and some tips that you can follow.

1) The home-based business is a different work schedule

The error number one when a home-based business is started, is to count your time as if you were an employee. In a company, you receive a monthly salary, your hourly rate is payable monthly. Count your hourly rate for your home-based business over the year. Calculate hours annually . Why?
Imagine that you have spent 200 hours designing an electronic book "e-book" page of his pub, placing advertisements, 2 hours per day, that's 100 days. Not working on weekends, you are booking your family, your hobbies, you divide by 100j 5d work. It's been 20 weeks that you divide by 4 on average for a month, that makes 5 months.
5 months with zero profit € uro. But within 6 months (that's a total of 11 months, as you take your holiday months), you sell e-books 40 to 29 € uros per month 6X (40 × 29) = € 6,960. You divide by 12 months, which gives you € 580. Sounds bit? But for your 200 hours, how do you feel now??? 6960: 200 = € 34.80 per hour. If you want to compare with a conventional monthly salary on 35h basis, it makes monthly 151h X 34.80 = € 5,254.80 uros. Calculate the following year!
Then while your product sells almost alone, you are to produce a 2nd, you already receive income investment. Think before thinking like an employee, what we all do in the beginning, instead of think like an entrepreneur!

2) The success of your business at home requires ongoing training!

P hy do some fortune and others do sell little or nothing? Just because some have become professionals and others are amateurs. They are formed, and are formed each day.
Another mistake is to believe almost everything that others want you to believe. What works for them will not work necessarily for you. Why? Because they have developed their business at home by putting all means (they created, tested, refined, improved their product, their advertising and have gained experience, tricks, strings, have spent weeks to a good start and promotion) wanting to be like them, without a support, assistance, training , support your image to your liking is a mistake
Ask yourself the following question: Can I become a lawyer without knowing anything about the laws, easily, get involved personally in just 1 hour per day and earn thousands of € uros tomorrow?

3) Avoid permanent and tempting distraction of business at home - Avoid stress, fatigue ...

O ur internet, it is easier to be distracted by the content of the sites and spend hours doing nothing. If the content you want, save the page to your bookmarks in a folder named for example "website to look" then you will sort it out later. 30 minutes you are granting discovery out of your time spent on your business at home, then ask yourself if you is helpful to read this or that. Do not waste time to explore everything , often the sites look, speak of same subject, but do not tell you any more than the previous. Remember to sort.
Avoid stress as you constantly because you'll feel not move, and this is the best way not to advance. If you are stressed, you think wrong, your mind does not work optimally. If you are angry, you take a pose. Calm down, de-stress out and you return to your work
Fatigue is also a source of wasted time and generates errors and stress. Sleep is important. Poses and entertainment are paramount . Do not ignore fatigue, otherwise it will always win and you lose. If you feel constantly tired, take a time sport at least once a week.
business at home at home

It should also work in a room in a quiet setting, if possible ! Because if you develop a home-based business, you can be easily distracted. If this is impossible, enjoy the hours when children are sleeping if this is the case, even when watching TV, if your wife or husband looks at her, you put on the coffee table, you are present (e) but working. This configuration is not ideal, but it must adapt to the beginning, everyone does not have 2 hours a day of isolation. So, concentrate on what you do , take lots of notes to remember. Reread you, made ​​sketches, drawings implementation of your product, your business at home.
Warning : Do not neglect his family, his friends . These are the most important things in your life, but also for your business at home. Do NOT neglect.

4) Avoid forward without a plan.

C onstruisez you a future plan , a plan of things to do, a specific list of what you want. If for example you want a new car, set it there, how much it costs, when, and how to get it.

plan its business at home

Set your goals and objectives , make action plans to achieve your course of action to reach your goal. Write it on a sheet and place it in front of you in his office. Or in his notebook if you do not have an office itself. Keep on hand and visualize yourself with your goal achieved .

5) Do not forget your business from home, thinking "buyer" in client.

U are glaring errors in the field of internet sales, is for advertisers to peddle the virtues of their products, stating that it is wonderful for them that they have won millions, that c ' is the only product that is worth the money. This is the best way to make his readers feel that it is a fool who must walk in the combined "Become a mason in the company" foo foo ". The only job where I managed to win several million "is a good example. I have nothing against the Masons, but unless you are the boss of a big company, explain to me how to make millions? Never forget that your drive is not a fool who jumps on every opportunity we offer it! I preferred to repeat, this is so true on the Internet that sometimes becomes irritating.
In addition, your drive, your prospect is not a moron! Do not take it for a pigeon . Do not lie to him , which is what a lost customer. Do not be ashamed to say, I do not know! Do some research and then give him the right answers or good links to sites. You can have in front of you a very educated person, do not take it for a simpleton. Instead, it also can help you, advise you, make you know.

6) Do not stay in the "virtual" effect.

C is to say, never give his name, photo, address to receive e-mail = e the best way to go for an amateur or worse, a scam! Create a home-based business does not mean to live in hiding !

7) Do not do what you do not know how and know what you sell.

- N e not do what you do not know how. Would you make your idea of Appendix yourself? You would do yourself a open heart surgery?
- Do not know the product they sell. How can you answer a question if you do not know your product, its content or features? And how could you promote it?


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